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The LaneSight® System is the FIRST and ONLY comprehensive cycling safety system to be developed. LaneSight® allows you to "Detect. Alert. Avoid. Record." No other singular device on the market offers all of these features. With loud Audio, vibration, and the bright LED lights flashing back towards the conflicting vehicle, driver and cyclist are aware of each other. With LaneSight® you can ride with piece of mind knowing "We've got your back".


Out of Concern for Cyclist SafetyBringing Aeronautical Technologies to the Cycling Industry.

LaneSight® was born from a cyclist's concern for increased awareness and safety while riding and being passed by much heavier motor vehicles sharing the road. The inventors are cyclists who are accustomed to using advanced collision avoidance systems while practicing their long term professions as commercial and ex-military pilots. Their challenge has been to develop a scaled down, yet highly robust, bicycle-specific system capable of warning drivers and cyclists alike, of impending close calls. Noting as well, the occasional indifferent or even deliberate close pass, the inventors envisioned a device that could help level the playing field. Going so far as to provide digital evidence if needed to help educate and potentially hold drivers accountable is a Lanesight goal. If they choose to ignore a cyclist's right to be passed at a safe and legal distances, they are culpable.

The initiative was taken several years ago to develop original detection and tracking software. It was then brought to a Colorado based defense contractor to supremely advance and develop the entire package to function in the real world of cycling. Resulting from collaborative efforts are LaneSight® technologies contained in a stand alone unit, utilizing situational awareness technologies to identify, alert, mutually warn of threats and record intelligently when motor vehicles approach too closely for comfort.


Using Intuitive Smart VisionIt sees, interprets, captures or dismisses approaching traffic.

LaneSight®'s self contained unit uses a vehicle's SPEED AND DISTANCE to deploy it's audible (to the bicyclist) and visual (to the driver of the car) warning systems. Warning systems will not deploy if a vehicle is traveling at a safe distance and speed in regards to the cyclist.

UNLIKE other video capturing devices specific to cyclists, LaneSight® technologies only record & save data if the warning system is triggered. Captured video and data can then be transferred via Bluetooth or Wifi methods. A USB cable can be an option when needing to interface with a home computer that doesn't have wireless capabilities.

Please be smart! Riding without LaneSight® can have disastrous results as drivers are too unpredictable. Be warned and record reckless behavior, hold drivers accountable.


Brilliant Engineering... LaneSight technologies suggest limitless safety application.

LaneSight® has got your back! Our goal is to make cycling as safe as possible. Riding without our technologies, is reckless. We have vision... Our ideal would include all cars installed with our software so drivers can be warned of upcoming cyclists. Maximum safety revolves around two way communication between the car and cyclist.

Because our engineers designed LaneSight® technologies with the ability to capture not only video, but specific vector data about the approaching vehicle, we envision our system as a tool to hold careless drivers accountable for the actions. As such, LaneSight® may prove vital in developing legal structures to improve the quality of roads for cyclists. Ideally, ALL roads should have definitive shared space for cars and bicycles.


Be Safe, Ride With LaneSightLaneSight technologies suggest limitless safety application.

1. iPhone / Android interface for instant incident playback and review
2. Audio Warning System
3. LaneSight® Vehicle Detection and Tracking Software
4. Camera interface software
5. Visual Warning System
6. Stream live video to smart phone
7. Automatic data transfer via WIFI to phone or storage device.
8. Ability to add peripheral bluetooth devices to provide additional audio/visual/vibratory alerts
9. Ability to interface with an additional forward facing camera.
10. Bluetooth and WIFI interface between Phone and other devices
11. Interface with Sensor, audio alert systems, and video capturing device
12. Has default mode selections for rural or city.


We've Got Your BackLaneSight technologies suggest limitless safety application.

1. Integrates: best architecture - camera, ultrasonic sensor, flashing lights, and speaker
2. All weatherproof design.
3. Streamlined and universal mount for most cycles.
4. Integrated rechargeable battery system.


LaneSight® is designed to offer ANYONE increased riding safety and comfort. No longer will it be necessary to constantly look over your shoulder. No longer will be necessary to concern yourself with inattentive drivers. The LaneSight® warning system will help you rediscover the roads without traffic.

Tech & Specs

Let's just say there isn't anything like this currently on the market. Many cameras record, but none capture relevant video while dismissing irrelevant content. LaneSight's® smart vision technology saves lives. Our technology redefines engineering for safety.

  • Safety #1

    Alerts Drivers It Sees

    Alerts Cyclist Speaks

    It RecordsRelevant Content

    Visual WarningsAudible Warnings

  • Safety #2

    Android iPhone


    Loud WarningBright LED

    Transfer VideoWireless

  • Safety #3

    DismissesGood Drivers

    Aware ofcars' speeds

    All TerrainSolid Engineering

    Uses NVIDIATechnology

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